How to identify what you are good at

Some of us were fortunate enough to be superstars from childhood.

We were put down a specific path in life. Our parents took us through a regimented lifestyle. Our lives revolved around, say, the golf course, music lessons, swimming classes etc. Little wonder we turned out to be excellent at these.

Tiger Woods was introduced to golf before the age of 2 and beat his father at golf when he was 11.

Beyoncé won her first singing talent contest at age 7.

Some of us were not so lucky. Even at age 20, we have not the slightest idea of what we are good at. We begin each year with a fresh passion, a new idea. We tell ourselves ‘this is the one I am good at’ but before long we lose steam and interest. This might not be for us after all.

We can’t all be great golfers or musicians or bloggers.

We all have different paths in life. Our paths are as different as our finger prints – no two are alike even on the same hand. Even twins born within the same womb have different paths in life. The question, and the point of all this, is ‘how do I identify what my path is, what am I good at?’. It does help when our parents help us by identifying certain traits and natural tendencies, like an ear for music, and directs us appropriately.

I believe that we were born with a distinct music playing in our soul. A common theme that resonates everywhere we go and in whatever we do. Something that makes our heart beat faster, something that evokes emotion in us. That thing that we can do with minimal preparation. This is our natural gift or talent. We were born with this. It does not matter how small it might seem. You might have a great smile – this could be your gift to the world.

The other side to it is what we can become good at by choice. The human mind can be likened to a programmable computer. We can train ourselves to become good at what we choose to do. Even the Tiger Woods and Beyoncés who seem to have found their natural gifts and talents early in life still put in a lot of time to hone their craft. This is the power of choice and will.



6 thoughts on “How to identify what you are good at

  1. I appreciate the fact that you pointed out the fact that many people even at adulthood, haven’t realised what their good at or what their passions are. So many times we are given examples of so and so who accomplished this and that by such an age. Or someone who always knew what they wanted to be. And although these examples are intended to motivate and inspire us, they can actually demoralise many of those who haven’t figured their passions yet. A very well thought out post!

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    1. Thanks for your candid comment and also for reading. I know a lot of people have not yet discovered what they are great at. I guess the point of the post is to motivate people to look beyond the prodigies and superstars. To consider those things which look like nothing like a great smile, helping others, teaching others for example. We can’t all be great golfers, musicians or politicians but we can all be great!

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