What’s that you’ve got in your hand?

“There’s always someone out there looking for exactly what you’ve got”
Let’s start  #monday on a  #positive note. 
Granted not all of us look forward to monday mornings so we’ll infuse some  #positivity into your day.
Each and every one of us are unique and different and so are our features, gifts, skills and offerings.
What you’ve got is what someone else wants and what you are looking for someone else has got it.
This applies to pretty much everything. If you suffer  #rejection from a broken  #relationship, know that someone else will  #love you again. Can I get an amen!
If you write and just now it seems no one is reading or paying attention, rest assured that someday you will find the right audience and they have been waiting for your work.
If you are just venturing into  #business or  #ministry, know that your services are eagerly awaited by someone somewhere.
Whatever you do, whoever you are, someone someplace right now is looking for you.
So its monday and our  #mondaymotivation for you is to remind you that you were made with purpose, specially crafted with a just end in mind. Don’t blow it. Use your  #talents to the benefit of yourself and humanity.


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