2,017 things to be thankful for…

L-R: Valerie, Tiffany and Ivy

The year 2017 has been an amazing year for my family with the best part left for last; the arrival of our twin girls in November.

In May 2017 we became aware that we were having twins and the discovery rocked my world to say the least. I went through a circle of denial, anxiety, acceptance and finally, gratitude. My wife, on the other hand, was ecstatic because she had always wanted twins.

Denial because, if it were entirely up to us, we wanted two children (a boy and a girl – we had one girl already) and no more – with the twins we now have three.

Anxiety because suddenly we needed more room and more resources.

I went through a process and eventually came to the acceptance of God’s sovereign will, plan and purpose.

I finally became grateful because the Giver of good gifts honoured and found us capable foster parents of not one but two of His precious children.

When I finally accepted God’s will and was filled with gratitude, I began experiencing joy.

Today, I cradle my daughters in my hand and I recognise the hand of God in our lives. The things I worried about like safe delivery, more room and resources are no longer causes of concern.

Hears to a fabulous 2018!

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