What is wisdom?

Wisdom is the right application of knowledge.
The ability to use the knowledge you have to solve a problem constitutes wisdom.
The knowledge we possess on a subject or person is only useful when it is applied positively.
Don’t be the one who is constantly going on courses and signing up to training acquiring knowledge but never really putting it to use.
Knowledge is one thing and putting knowledge to work for your benefit and/or those of others is another thing – Wisdom
Wisdom is not learnt in school, knowledge is.

Wisdom is a gift, I believe this with all of my heart. Wisdom comes with experience. While knowledge is common, wisdom is not.
The bridge between knowledge and wisdom is understanding.
Get wisdom.

Published by Ochman

Nice to meet you. I am passionate about seeing personal growth and development in others. As a firm believer in the full exploitation of individual gifts and talents, I share my thoughts and observations from everyday encounters with others to spur them up to great heights.

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