How to increase your worth – Part 1

“So much depends on reputation…guard it with your life” – 48 Laws of Power

Whether you own a business or as an individual, it is important that you are known for something – that you stand for something.  This is the value you as a person, brand or business provides to others. Now, let me explain why.

You are probably the only one who really and truly knows who you are and what you are fully capable of. Other people can only have perceptions of you. They can only assess your capability based on their observations of you.

These perceptions are either consciously or subconsciously re-inforced by you. The perception people have of you can be used to your advantage. You can control how you want to be perceived.

The best brands are those that have identified ways they want to be perceived and do everything to make sure only these are projected.

Here are a few reasons why you should be known for something:

1.What you are known for, hereafter referred to as your reputation for individuals and brand for businesses or both, speaks for you in your absence.

“This action is not consistent with Jack. I have known him for a long time now and I am certain he could not have done this.” Ever said something along these lines in someone’s defence?

2.You can only be remembered for something different and unique. Your strong reputation or brand can do this for you.

Quality, punctuality, well-mannered, helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable, great sense of humour, these are some positive vibes we consciously or subconsciously project and what we can easily be remembered for.

3.Your brand or reputation can be monetized. How? Let me explain.

“No one will ever pay you what you are worth, they will pay you what they think you are worth” But guess what? You control their thinking.

You are employed for what you have to offer. This could be your ability to solve problems, to produce quality products, great organising skills etc. These ‘skills’ which you may have either intentionally or unintentionally built over the years have become your reputation; what you are known for and these are what you are paid for.

It behoves therefore to hone these skills, package them nicely and strongly associate them with your personality. Constantly projecting the image that you know your stuff, deliver value and are therefore indispensable.

Continued in Part 2



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