When time stood still…

Time and how to effectively manage it is probably the most talked on subject in business and personal development circles.

The reason being that we are all allotted the same amount (at least in a day irrespective of different time zones in different parts of the world) but the results of its use are widely different.

Besides, the common cliché ‘time is money’ suggests that time does have the same value as money. Some might argue that time is even more valuable than money since you can regain lost money but time lost is never re-gained.

So why does it seem some people have more time than others? Why does it seem like time stands still for some and for others they seem not to have enough. Some seem to be able to achieve much more  than others within the same period of time available to both sets.

This is where time management comes in. Here are some tips for effective time management:

  1. Plan your tomorrow today: Make a clear plan of what you want to do a day before hand. Time can be likened to water passing through the cracks in a rock in the sense that time which is not allotted can very easily be lost to ‘valueless’ activities.
  2. Be resourceful – Delegate: While you might think that you are Superman or Superwoman and you can do everything yourself there are a lot of activities which can be delegated. Avoid the trap of micro-managing too. Find competent persons to handle things you are comfortable giving up. If you find that you are not comfortable delegating anything to anyone around you then there is a problem 😉
  3. Have a clear vision: You are not likely going to get to a destination you don’t know. Your vision informs your goals and your goals informs your activities. If you have a clear vision, it is more than likely that you will engage in more activities which are valuable to the vision.
  4. Be disciplined: While this is not a pleasant topic, time management requires discipline. I do not propose an obsession with doing all tasks strictly within the allotted time as time management implies the ability to manage and direct time and not vice versa. That said, if you do not allot time, it will go out of control.
  5. Invest your time: If indeed time is money and you can invest money then you can invest time. Invest your time in activities that you bring reward in future. A great way to invest your time is in activities such as reading, building relationships, networking amongst others.
  6. Prioritize your activities: Do the most important things first. Enough said.
  7. Do it now! Putting things off can seem convenient but is a recipe for disaster. Procrastination is a thief of time as bad investments are a ‘money eater’. Do something, no matter how small, daily towards your overall vision and objective. It’s amazing what difference 365 days can make if we engage in valuable activities.

Have you personally got any time management hacks you would like to share? Use comment field below.


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