Where did all the fish go

Luke 5:1-6

Simon and friends were fishermen. It was just another day of work trying very hard to make a good catch.

But that day wasn’t just their day. It seemed as if the fish were always one step ahead. All the old tricks did not work and just when they were about to call it quits something happened…

Jesus had been teaching people on shore and the place began to get too crowded. He needed a vantage point from where he could teach without the pushing and shoving of the crowd…

Jesus had a need.

Simon had a boat.

Two boats were at the waters’ edge but Jesus chose to climb into Simon’s boat and he asked Simon to pull into the sea.

Simon obeyed

Once Jesus had reached a fair distance in the sea he continued teaching. After he finished teaching he instructed Simon to let down his net for a catch.

Naturally, Simon complained and reminded Jesus that they had been at this pretty much all day.

“but at your word, I will let down my net”

And there was a huge catch, so much that they required help bringing the catch into the boat. Both boats were so full and began to sink.

Where did all that fish come from?

Where man’s effort ends, God’s grace starts.

When we make ourselves and our resources available to God, He is bound to ‘compensate’ us.

The big catch had nothing to do with:

  1. How hard they tried – human effort.
  2. The amount of fish in the sea (where were they when Peter was fishing?)

Rather it was a result of the combination of Simon’s faith (not works, Gal. 3:10-14), his obedience to Jesus’ instruction/direction and the supernatural power of God.

When faith manifests as obedience, in the presence of  the supernatural power of God, breakthroughs happen.

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