The Pocket Square

The use of handkerchiefs and pocket squares as an accessory is an old practice that dates back to the 800’s. Today, they are more popular than ever, with many dashing men adding a pocket square to their outfits.

I recently caught on the pocket square statement.

I call it a ‘statement’ because that is exactly what it is. Before I discovered this beautiful piece of male fashion statement, I only admired anyone and everyone who used them. I could not see myself wearing one because I believed only sophisticated people wore them.

Pocket squares speak sophistication.

They are more than mere pocket fillers or the odd handkerchief we use to clean dust off our shoes or dry our hands.

Here are 3 reasons why pocket squares are a fantastic accessory and why you should use them.

A pocket square introduces you. 

Walk into a room wearing a nicely cut double-breasted suit spotting a beautiful pocket square. If you get the combo right (we will talk about this next) You need no introduction. Your appearance will speak boss, sophistication and respect.

Use the right colour and pattern to your advantage

Color coordinate your pocket square with you shirt or tie or even your socks. There are many rules out there on how one should coordinate colors. To be safe, use secondary colors from your shirt and or tie as your primary pocket square color. Your pocket square can give you amazing contrast and if you get it right, you will not go unnoticed.

Tip: Use contrasting colors to your advantage. In this case below, blue stripped shirt matches navy blue and purple patterned pocket square.


Pocket Squares are versatile

Pocket squares can quite easily become an art. They can be formal or informal, flamboyant or conservative, personal or generic. You can choose how you want to use them and create your unique personal each time. Pocket squares can add a touch of flair to a top button open shirt and blazer combination for example.

There are many things to consider if you really want to get into pocket squares. Folds, material and patterns are some many considerations. Personally, I stick to linen, a conservative ‘bubble’ fold and love paisley and polka dot patterns.




As already mentioned they are statements and are no ordinary accessory. They are powerful dress tools. I constantly search for deals on pocket squares and find Eden Vogue to have some unique pocket squares.



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