The Lapel Pin

The lapel pin, also know as a boutonniere, has been around for as long as there were weddings and comes in all shapes and sizes.  These days, however, they have become more regular accessories than a once-in-a-life time suit prop.


Courtesy: Harrington Flowers

New designs, more minimalistic, have made them less flamboyant and more versatile. They can be used as a casual accessory or for more formal functions.

They are made of different materials such as cloth, ceramic, metal etc and can be attached to the suit or blazer by different mechanisms like using a pin or magnet. The one common feature to them all is where on the suit they are adorned. They are adorned on the lapel! That’s pretty obvious.

Again, it is all about combining the right colours with what you are wearing and other accessories. Coordinated well, they could easily blend with your Pocket Square.

Courtesy: Eden Vogue

I have a range of styles and colours and use them depending on the occasion. They are very common with groups like wedding trains. They can also be great gifts for men.

To add more sophistication and uniqueness to the range of lapel pins we’ve handmade them in Scottish Tartan fabrics in a beautiful array of colours.


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