Vision… (short read)

Opportunities are boundless to the one constantly seeking opportunities.

In the end we will be judged not by the risks we did not take but the lives we did not change when we had the opportunity to.
The mind is an amazing and powerful organ. Like a Polaroid camera, it can only develop negatives (eventually into pictures) it has captured.
A long time ago, the Master of the Universe made a promise to a man named Abraham. The promise was simple; “Look as far as your eyes can see of the stars in the sky. These will be the number of your offspring”. There was one small issue.

The man, Abraham, and his wife, Sarah, were long past the age of child-bearing. To cut a long story short (and if you want to know what happened in between see the Bible or just google it ), the man eventually had offspring.

What we can achieve is only limited by what our minds can conceive.

If so, then can we be intentional about what our minds can conceive? Can we raise the stakes by looking at the stars and building our dreams?

We belong to one of two categories; those who are programmed by what they are shown and those who are programmed by what they choose to see.
Choice, you see, is the single most powerful prerogative of humans and what you choose to see, or let your mind see, is your exclusive reserve.

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Nice to meet you. I am passionate about seeing personal growth and development in others. As a firm believer in the full exploitation of individual gifts and talents, I share my thoughts and observations from everyday encounters with others to spur them up to great heights.

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