Why you must not give up…

If, like me, you woke up today to the thought of the futility of certain endeavours my message to you today is that you don’t give up.

To the one starting a business, pursuing a dream of financial independence – don’t give up.

To the one trying to lose weight, putting in the hours working out and the results don’t seem to measure up to the effort – don’t give up.

To the one who is trying to keep their home and relationship together – keep praying, don’t give up.

To  the one who is trying to get a job – keep applying and don’t lose hope.

To the couple, trying desperately for a baby – don’t give up.

Great things start small. The results today may not seem proportional to the effort you put in but remember that the sturdiest trees have got the deepest roots.

Great edifices have solid foundations.

Be patient.

Be encouraged today. Know that you are not alone in your struggles. Many have been through the exact situation you are passing through and there are testimonials of people who made it.

Also be strong for yourself and your loved ones. They are people looking up to you and draw strength from your own strength.

Be encouraged today and remember ‘tough times never last but tough people do.’

Published by Ochman

Nice to meet you. I am passionate about seeing personal growth and development in others. As a firm believer in the full exploitation of individual gifts and talents, I share my thoughts and observations from everyday encounters with others to spur them up to great heights.

5 thoughts on “Why you must not give up…

  1. My mantra is: “Always Tested, Never Beaten.” In that moment when life’s current circumstances seem the most difficult, this mantra keeps me going. Maybe it will help your other readers as well.


  2. Wonderfully uplifting message, thank you. I heard today that if we sat in front of a tree to watch it grow, we would quickly lose patience and think that nothing is happening. It’s the same with us, when we can practice patience, determination and resilience, there is inner growth going on, and it’s also down to a faith in God’s plan, of which we can only see a tiny part. Thank you. Anita.


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