What is holding you back?

While thinking about my next inspirational post, my thought process was interrupted by the singing of my 3-year old toddler and just then I caught inspiration on what to write.

We came into this world without fears, inhibitions or limitations. Over the course of our lives we begin to acquire these for the reason of, amongst other things, self-preservation.

Once burnt by a hot object we become trained by the experience to stay away from fire and hot objects. Our experiences shape our behaviour and informs our future decisions.

A child has no such inhibitions initially. The world is truly their playground.

As we grow, personal experiences, education and parental influence amongst others begins to limit our expectations and exploration.

Our past experience of being burnt can either become a cautionary post preventing us from being burnt again in future (self-preservation) or we can allow our entire lives to be limited by that experience – in order words, we can become slaves to our fears.

Courage is not being unaware of danger or risks but it is the ability to take action in spite of them.

The world is full of fearful people. We were not born this way.

The greatest achievements in history and the world today were made by people with courage. People who did not allow their fears, societal influence and past limit their ability to achieve greatness.

These are people who continue to make the world their playground, like the toddler.

Society will tell you you can’t. Only you can tell yourself you can.

Education, on the other hand should liberate and not limit minds.

We should tell our children about the dangers of fire but educate them about power in fire.

We should tell them about the dangers in darkness but educate them that they are the light.

We should tell them about the dangers in the world but the world is still their playground.

Let them grow being aware of danger but not being crippled by it.

What is holding you back?


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