How to Increase Your Value


“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” - Alvin Toffler.

Increasing your value is tied to what you have to offer which is your value proposition. Your value proposition determines the measure of your compensation.

People will only part with their money when they perceive and believe what you offer is of value to them.

Whether in the workplace, business space or social space value or worth is important and is a strong differentiator between those at the top and those at the bottom.

Here are 7 ways that you can increase your worth:

  1. Upskill – Learn new skills

Your impact is measured by your skills and your worth is a measure of the skills you possess.

“If you don’t sharpen your axe,it will be harder to use; if you are smart, you’ll know what to do.” Ecclesiastes 10:10

Any job requires certain skills and to do the job effectively the right skills must be acquired. You increase your value proposition by obtaining skills which are relevant to your endeavour, profession or business.

So how can I obtain new skills? The underlisted points will provide some ideas.

2. Organised Training

That task or job is only difficult because you don’t have the right tools. Training helps bridge the gap between what you currently know and what you need to know to the get the job done.

Organised trainings might be expensive but are useful because they are more structured and require that they are completed within a specific time. This can help address procrastination and deferment of development goals which is common in less organised set-ups.

Trainings are more flexible with on-demand training courses becoming more common. Sources such as LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, and Udemy provide a rich variety of both live and on-demand courses which can be completed from any preferred location and at any convenient time.

3. Personal Study

Personal study is one of the best ways of increasing one’s worth and this should be continuous, if not daily.

It is a productive habit to set aside a minimum duration each day for personal study.

I set aside 30 minutes minimum each day for study. Study could vary from reading books to watching informative documentaries or completing an online course.

Whatever your field of endeavour you should keep a personal study journal which contains your personal study on subjects beyond your day to day responsibilities.

4.Take on new challenges

There is no quicker way to learn than taking on something you have never done before. If one is not learning then one simply isn’t growing. Taking on new challenges will not only stretch you but will also make you realise what you are capable of doing.

Here are some tips on how you can take on new challenges:

  • Take on a new hobby. Learn a musical instrument, learn a new language, learn dance, take writing lessons etc
  • Volunteer to do something new, something different. Volunteer with a charity or a political organisation depending on your preference.
  • Offer to take on more work at your work place. This shows that you have initiative and the capacity to do more and could lead to you being promoted.
  • Choose to be a mentor or a mentee.


Travelling has a way of expanding one’s perspective beyond one’s locality.

Travelling is also a form of education. As you see and experience, you will be left with an unforgettable experience essential to your personal growth and value.


The stronger your network, the farther your distance.  

You are as strong as your network therefore it is necessary to leverage on the power of having great networks. If you are conscious about building networks and relationships then a great network is inevitable.

Make it a point of duty to always connect with people who add value to you and who you can add value to in every situation.


“If I have seen further it is bystanding on the shoulders of Giants.” Isaac Netwon

Someone said, ‘you are the average of the closest 5 persons to you’.  Who you associate  with will influence your value.

Your association influences the course and impact of your life.

It is recommended that at every stage of one’s life you have at least one mentor with regards to an aspect of your life.

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