Perspective is everything

A problem is only as big as our minds make it to be.

Large objects like mountains or even the heavenly bodies (stars, sun, moon, planets) look minuscule to the viewer standing at a distance or on earth. With the proper light, a small object can cast a gigantic shadow and seem very intimidating.

Irrespective of the conditions (distance to object and light), the actual size of the object remains the same. Perspective, however, will influence the size of the object in the mind of the observer. (Imagine your mind has eyes and it requires a lens to see the world)

Our perception is influenced by our position.

Challenges can seem gargantuan depending on our position – when we are on the same plane of reference to the problem then it would seem as big as, if not bigger, than what we can handle.

And there are two major ways one can respond when faced with a problem;

  1. Become paralysed with fear and retreat.
  2. Decide to change one’s position.

Since the latter response is not what we hope to achieve, let’s explore the second response. How do you change your position? In practical terms, for example, I have my rent to pay in the next few days and I do not have a dime in my account, what has my position on the matter got to do with resolving  the issue?

Firstly, let’s get the issue of fear out-of-the-way. Fear cripples the mind, clouds one’s judgement, stifles creativity and prevents one from seeing solutions.

You change your position simply by changing your thinking. You stop thinking of yourself as a victim. This is the first step.

When you stop believing that you are a victim and start thinking like a solution provider, you subconsciously instruct your creative mind to begin to hunt for solutions to the problem.

As you begin to find solutions, you begin to get elevated above the issue and it becomes smaller in proportion.

Changing one’s position (feeding, educating and training one’s mind) is a process. Thinking straight in the face of adversity is not an easy task which is why one must constantly and consciously feed the mind with empowering and faith-building material. This becomes the new ‘lens’ through which your mind’s eye sees your entire world.

Don’t let fear cripple you. Be encouraged, all mountains can be conquered.

Before you can, you must first believe that you can. This is why perspective is everything.

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Nice to meet you. I am passionate about seeing personal growth and development in others. As a firm believer in the full exploitation of individual gifts and talents, I share my thoughts and observations from everyday encounters with others to spur them up to great heights.

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