Money and how to attract more of it

So I recently had a new insight regarding money and wanted to share it with my followers. The truth is that money is attracted to the one who handles it with care.

The truth behind the assertion can best be understood if money is compared to a lover that is being courted.
You would do everything to earn their trust and affection. You treat them nice enough and they begin to trust you with their heart, secrets and love.
On the other hand, if the lover is not treated with respect and affection chances are the relationship will not progress to the next stage.

So, how do you ‘treat money with respect’?
1. Handle money with care. Don’t squander.  Save.
One time tested principle of ethically wealthy people is a habit of saving. Expenses must always be less than income. Enough said.
2. Don’t eat your seed. Like the farmers’ harvest, not all income is to be spent. Retain a substantial portion for the next sowing season. In layman’s terms,  Invest some, spend the rest or whatever else you choose to do with the rest.
3. Be accountable. If you find yourself not being able to give account of majority of your income and expense then there is something fundamentally wrong. You don’t care about money.
4. Learn about money. You would go great lengths to know more about the lover you court. You learn about everything else in School except how to handle money. It is your duty to understand money. Read  books on the subject. Get some education. Learn the basic principles of money.

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